Powder coating technology was introduced in Malaysia in the early 1980s, and this was made through the modest initiative of Oxyhin (Powder Manufacturers) Sdn Bhd. Powder coating was, at that point, unheard of, but Oxyhin was committed and determined to bring Oxyplast Powder Coating and technology to the forefront of the Malaysian coating industry. Oxyplast Powder Coating has since become a household name when it comes to powder that realises the coating industry's dreams.

Oxyhin (Powder Manufacturers) Sdn Bhd was incorporated in Malaysia in 1985 and started operations in 1987, whereas Oxyhin Sdn Bhd started operations in 1998. Oxyhin Sdn Bhd proceeds to take over the former company during that same year with the objective to rationalise their business with that of Oxyhin (Powder Manufacturers) Sdn Bhd. The aim also was to foster closer management participation and effective decision making in order to increase productivity and to achieve better economies of scale. The said takeover advanced without affecting the operations or quality of the products and services, but only measured to provide better services to our valued customers. Oxyhin Sdn Bhd has since been expanding to cater to our customers' ever increasing demands. We have refined our organisation to meet our customers' needs more efficiently than ever before. In addition, Protech Powder Coatings of Canada merged with Oxyplast Powder Coatings of Belgium in 2004 to synergise their strengths in product portfolio, market range, production capacity, Research and Development technology and customer service capabilities. Ever since this merger, everyone under the Protech/Oxyplast umbrella has benefitted tremendously.