Types of Powder Systems

Epoxy System

  • Outstanding decorative and protective finish
  • Excellent hardness and chemical resistance for functional appliances
  • Used for various pipelines, rebars, drums, cans, glasses, furniture and electronic products
  • Epoxy powder for the internal coating of metal food containers (F.D.A. approved)
  • Finishes available: Matt, Super Matt, Textured and Metallic

Polyester System

  • Based on saturated Polyester system
  • Good flow out
  • Excellent atmospheric aging, corrosion and UV resistance
  • Suitable for outdoor applications
  • Application on substrates for architectural hardware, outdoor furniture, air-conditioners, signboards, bicycle frames, garage doors etc.
  • Finishes available: Glossy, Satin, Matt, Leather, Wrinkle and Metallic

Hybrid (Epoxy-Polyester) System

  • Excellent over-bake resistance
  • Suitable for indoor applications
  • Application on substrates for office and home furniture, household appliances, switchboards, control panels, filing cabinets, lighting fixtures amd bathroom fixtures
  • Finishes available: Glossy, Satin, Hammertone, Wrinkle, Metallic and Textured

Polyurethane System

  • Outstanding film appearance and toughness
  • Superior weathering properties
  • Exhibits superior chip, mar and scuff resistance in addition to corrosion and chemical resistance
  • Used for various outdoor furniture, air-conditioners, signboards and home appliances
  • Finishes available: Glossy, Semi-gloss and Textured